This page is here to provide links for people going to college, studying science and math, both majors and those just taking science as an elective. 

Enjoy :)

General Links:

          Khan Academy - a web site with video "mini-lectures" that anyone can view for free.

                                                                I highly recommend QuickStudy, it has gotten me through a lot. It is basically a set of charts to help you in whatever subject you are doing. I have used it with languages, General Chemistry, and I am about to order it for Organic Chemistry.                                                                                   


 General College Biology/ AP Biology

This is just a general playlist of some of the things that are learned in General Biology courses. There is not as much on there as there could be, but it is a start. A second General Biology playlist will be coming soon.

Unfortunately a lot of videos are repeated in this playlist, but I will try and get that taken care of as soon as possible. For now, they are good for reinforcing the concepts ... so I may just leave it the way it is.

Biochmistry: this is just some general information to help those who are having trouble in their Biochemistry course (If you are not having trouble understanding, it is because you are not paying attention). (This will be updated on a pretty regular basis.)

Also check out the page on Gene Therapy

Organic Chemistry: Several video playlists are going to be posted here to help you in Organic Chemistry, along with several links.

I am currently ordering the QuickStudy for organic Chemistry, plus the advanced periodic table. I will soon post here whether or not I recommend this particular resource.


Molecular Genetics


Biological Analytical Techniques II/ Laboratory Equipment and Methods class



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