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The interesting thing about Muslims is that often they love to talk about religion. If you know what you are doing, then evangelizing to Muslims can be the easiest thing in the world. Of course, we should always be in prayer, because if God is not there witnessing with us, then we are not going to do any good.

Basically, when you witness to Muslims, you should be fluent in their religion, and able to communicate. If you go and talk to a Muslim, and you know nothing about their religion (or if you are one of these people who THINKS they know a lot) then you are not going to do any good. Please note that Islam is not a peaceful religion, and they do not worship the same God that Bible-believing Christians do. I have yet to see a single born-again Christian who has come out of Islam make either of those two claims, in fact the very opposite is emphasized.

Once you get to know your stuff, and you start building a relationship with a Muslim, then you can start to get creative. I highly recommend purchasing an audio New Testament CD from - now that may sound expensive, but it is only $10 for a complete New Testament MP3 CD. Buy one for your Muslim friend, and one for yourself (ESV is their best translation in English).

The one key point that I hear constantly emphasized by Christ-followers that have come out of Islam is that in Islam their is no assurance of salvation. Even the Prophet Muhammed was unsure of his salvation (citation coming soon). Christians saved out of Islam always recommend emphasizing that you can be 100% assured of your salvation in Christ if you have repented of your sins, and sincerely asked Jesus Christ into your heart.

The most important things to remember are to be in prayer, and devoting time to God everyday where we pray and read the Scriptures. Without the Holy Spirit alive in us, then there is no point in witnessing.

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God of Wonders documentary


Jesus said He was God

            This next part is completely copy/pasted. I was unable to ask the person’s permission, because it was in a comment in a blog that I am not familiar with, and I could not get a hold of any contact info. These are NOT quotes, but they reference where Jesus claims to be God very well.

Psalms 110:1 (Old Testament) - the angels worship the Lord God.
Hebrews 1:6 (New Testament) - the angels worship Jesus Christ.
Only God is worshiped.

Matt. 2:2,11 - the magi who came to see the newborn Jesus came to worship Him. 

Matt. 8:2 - a leper came to Jesus and worshiped Him without rebuke. 

Luke 24:52 - as Jesus ascended into heaven, the apostles worshiped Him. 

John 9:38 - the blind man who was cured by Jesus worshiped Him. 

Matt. 14:33 - the apostles who were in the boat worshiped Jesus without rebuke. 

Matt. 28:9 - Jesus' disciples took His feet and worshiped Him without rebuke. 

Matt. 28:17 - Jesus' disciples saw Him and then worshiped Him. 

Mark 5:6 - the man with the unclean spirit ran to Jesus and worshiped Him. 

John 20:28 - Jesus accepts Thomas' statement 
"My Lord and my God!" 
Literally, "the Lord of me and the God of me!" 

(in Greek, "Ho Kurios mou kai ho Theos mou"). 



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