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Take No Glory

 Defeating Islam's War Against Non-Muslims

The Jews - This is a playlist for Christians to help them to bless God's Chosen People (The Jews) and the Nation of Israel. You can show this playlist to your Jewish friends with a lot of confidence.

Islam - This is a video playlist of videos for witnessing to Muslims about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember, Muslims are people, not a category. they are in bondage and their people have been in bondage for thousands of years. Let's conquer the Islamic world, by setting every person in bondage to the religion of Islam free. This is a war against the demons that have people in bondage, not the Muslims themselves. The Muslims are the people that we are trying to set free.

Jehovah's Witnesses


Josh McDowell

Homosexuality 101 - a long clip from the DVD "Homosexuality 101" along with several other short videos.