"But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh."

-Galatians 5:16

Focus on being in the presence of God, not on "not sinning". Focusing on not sinning and breeding anxiety about "not sinning" just creates the sin of worry, and will make you exhausted. Make provisions so that you can keep yourself pure, but focus mainly on Jesus Christ, and in walking in scripture, prayer, and fellowship with serious believers, and sin will have no room to creep in.

Mike has definately been lead by the Holy Spirit in this video. When I was first getting saved (I don't remember if this was before or after, but I think it was soon after). Mike was the one who told me "God not only loves you, He likes you Greg!" It really meant a lot to me, and has impacted me greatly in my life.

The guys in TAN are definitely not about themselves, and I can see that they support each other, even in their videos.

I am glad to see that Tenth Avenue North is famous now, and they are selling records (CDs) to anyone who wants to walk into a record store and buy one.