Language Ministry (see also Bible Resources)

It is important for every ministry to be able to service people in a wide variety of languages, even if it is difficult to find a Christian who speaks every language. That is why this section of this web site has been created - to put you into contact with a variety of ministries that will be able to provide Bible-believing resources in as many languages as possible, without compromising on quality, or on the infallibility of the Word of God.

The first thing to understand is where all of the languages in the World have come from. This is described to us in Genesis, but even those who know the story of the tower of Babel, would benefit from the language information provided here:

Genesis 11

Tower of Babel information: Genesis 11 told in many ancient legends, Answers Magazine: Babylon issue

Learning Languages

Some of the best places to start to find resources in various languages:


The Bible is available in many languages from and from In fact, my Spanish professor told me that the Bible is how he learned Spanish, and He does not even believe the Bible to be the Word of God!

AiG International language articles

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Places to get involved in missions around the world:

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The Lifehouse "Everything Drama" is a good possibility to witness to people who do not know English, because the entire story is done without words.



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