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Thank you for visiting! When I first started this site, the goal was to teach Christians how to share their Faith using God's Creation, beyond the Creation VS Evolution debate. I showed how one could use information on the bacterial flagellum to reach out to mechanics and mechanical engineers, or how articles on DNA could be used to reach out to computer programmers. I also showed less obvious methods, like how firefly biochemistry could be use to witness to Wicans, or how Creation in general could be used to witness to people from various faith backgrounds, the way the Apostle Paul did on Mars Hill.

The website actually originated as an Email I sent to my youth pastor around the time I was graduating from high school, before it was adapted and expanded into the first iterations of While Creation Evangelism was the main focus of the website, I also included resources on reaching out to people who had a variety of objections and backgrounds, and used as a kind of map to help people obtain resources from ministries that specialized in everything from pornography addiction to Mormonism.

But now the site has grown, and so has its purpose. I have produced more original content over the years than I ever expected, and have gained an incredible online following that I am truly blessed to have! I have videos and articles covering science, economics, Faith, and politics, along with several short stories on Amazon that are edgy and often intense, but which are written from a Christian worldview.

Also, many of the resources that I have linked out to in the past are from ministries that no longer exist, or to videos that are no longer available. This has resulted in having multiple pages on this website where most of or nearly all of the content is missing. This is why the website is being redone, and why so much of the content will no longer be front and center. But fear not! Instead of deleting all of the old pages, and starting fresh with a whole new site, I have chosen to merely archive these old pages, so that if there is information people still need, they can go back and see it, (at least to the extent that it still exists).

Thank you for coming to! Let me know what you think of the updates when they are finished, and if there is anything that you would like to see!