Welcome to GreenSlugg!

Note, this is an archived legacy page for the previous GreenSlugg homepage. I still wanted fans to have access to the videos and links that I had on here, so I created this copy.

Welcome to GreenSlugg.com! The purpose of this site is to equip Christians to witness to people with the things that people are interested in (especially using Creation).

The goal is that Christians will come to this site for the purpose of witnessing to people in a way that is appropriate for that individual person. If, for example, someone has a special interest in something, such as Dinosaurs, the Holocaust, Science Fiction, or even green slugs, why not use that as a tool to witness to them?

Here at GreenSlugg, our goal is to equip you with nonconfrontational ways to talk to people about the Lord, without compromising His Truth. Most of the materials are Creation-themed [see Romans 1:20], but things are done a little differently here from what you have probably seen before.

This is a unique way of ministry, and in my experience a very effective way to minister, but this style of ministry is not the only one out there.

The idea for the name for this site was taken from an article in ICR.org entitled "Are Green Sea Slugs the Ultimate Created Mosaic?" You can read the full article here:



God of Wonders - Full documentary (available in dozens of languages). Click the bottom of the video window where it says "playlist" to see the dozens of languages that are available, or click on the link below the video.


Amena Brown Psalm 139 - Just one example of the videos on the Ministry Videos pages.



Google's sponsor ads - I have almost no control over which ads appear here. Google basically rents this space out, and I get paid for the ads. God lead me to put up ads on this web site. I have done the best that I can to filter out material that will be objectionable to us as Christians, but there is only so much that I can do with Google ads. Please use discernment.