"Religion is Evil" 

This is a page to address the objection that "Religion" has caused most of the evil in the World.


Often, the logic goes along these lines:

Many evils have been done in the name of "Religion",

therefore "Religion" is evil.

Christianity is a "Religion",

therefore Christianity is evil.

                Of course this entire way of thinking is full of fallacies. This is far from logic. Much evil has been done in the name of a lot of things, but that does not make them evil. If someone from centuries after the time of Christ kills someone in the name of Christ, does that make Christ evil? No. A person could walk down the street and kill a person of a different ethnicity in the name of "equality" or "civil rights", but does that make civil rights evil? No! A person could go to the bank and kill another person in the name of getting rich, does that mean that getting rich is evil? No, it only means that this person no longer sees human beings as being worth more than money.

                Of course the person who believes in Evolution, especially the Atheist, has no logical reason by which to say that rearranged pond scum has any sacred value in the first place! Millions of years of natural selection, according to Evolution, is the reason that we would want to kill off our competitors, and loving our neighbor (competitor) completely contradicts what we would expect from Darwinian Evolution. (More about this elsewhere on this site.)

                Pastor Joe Wood in the video “Religion Bytes” points out that Christianity is not really a “Religion”. The term “Religion” in Greek means to be in bondage.

“Religion” is man trying to be good enough to earn paradise from the Divine. Christianity is the Divine seeing that His Creation was lost, and separated from Him, and coming down to die and pay the penalty for our failure as a race (the Human race), your failure as an individual, and my failure as a person. The Bible says that our greatest deeds are as dirty rags (the basic equivalent of dirty tampons in the ancient world). None of us are good enough to get into Heaven.

  6For all of us have become like one who is unclean,
         And all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment;
         And all of us wither like a leaf,
         And our iniquities, like the wind, take us away.

Isaiah 64:6 (New American Standard Bible translation)

                Isaiah points out that our good works that people think will get them into Heaven are like a filthy garment (the ancient equivalent of a dirty tampon). Unfortunately I no longer know what book I read this in - the fact that dirty rags that our deeds are compared to are dirty tampons.

"But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace is no longer grace."

Romans 11:6 NASB

"For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God. 9Not by works, lest any man should boast."

Ephesians 2:8-9

                The bottom line is that salvation comes through Jesus Christ alone. This claim far from being exclusivist invites salvation to every human being, both Jew and Gentile, male and female, slave and free (Galatian 3:28). God made a door that anyone can come and step through, they just have to choose to step through it.



We Are Called - Joyce Meyer

Can Man Live Without God? In Singapore

This is an amazing video.


"Religion has caused more war, pain, death and suffering than any other factor in history - Thus we should all be atheists." (common misconception) 

Unfortunately this is an area where people have a strong emotionally-based conviction. A mechanic receiving the article on motors would be excited to receive it, but someone receiving any of these articles will probably claim that it is a bunch of lies. Each Christian should use their best judgment on which article here to use, but even if the atheist spits at them, the Christian must still do what Jesus would do. Still, a Muslim may love to receive this, because they are often accused of being the most violent of peoples.





article: Countering Christophobia (click here)

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"Hitler was a Christian." (Common Misconception)

In Recent years there have been those who have tried to re-write history to claim that the atrocities of the Holocaust were done in the name of Christianity. This is the equivalent of denying the Holocaust, and has absolutely no basis in reality. This is a bold-faced lie that I have called people out on. In reality Hitler was very much opposed to Christianity, and regarded it as one of the great evils of the world (ironic that he saw no problem with genocide or mass murder). The reason for the Holocaust (according to the Nazis of WWII Germany themselves) was the desire to breed the Superman. Based on Darwin's writings, the Nazis thought that certain people in the world were inferior to others on the Evolutionary scale. Since there is no God, they thought, and human beings are no more valuable than pond scum, there was nothing immoral about inflicting pain on others, nothing immoral about trying to breed human beings, and nothing wrong with exterminating the competitors of the German, Arian race. Read the words of the Nazis if you do not believe me. Anyway, if Darwin was right, and Evolution is true, then we must ask on what basis we condemn the atrocities of the Holocaust in the first place. If Darwinism is true, then human life has no sacred value. If evolution is true, then why is trying to breed the perfect man wrong? If God looked upon the Death, Disease and Suffering that He created (according to Theistic Evolutionists) then why would we call Death, Disease, and Suffering wrong?

The Bible says not to murder and that murder is evil. The Bible says to love the Jewish people. The Bible says that Jesus was a Jew! (along with most of the early Church). The Bible says that man (including adult males, women, and children) are created in the image of God Himself, not an accident of some pond scum! There is absolutely no basis in the Bible to commit the Holocaust.

Darwin, on the other hand, says to eliminate the competition.


















"The Crusades were unjustified attacks by the Church on peaceful people." 

(common misconception)

While there were many atrocities that happened during the Crusades that were evil, the Crusades, like any historic event, were very complex and need to be understood in the context of history.











  * "The Bible is unscientific. It claims that the Earth is flat and in the center of the universe. (Literal) belief in the Bible has held science back." (Common Misconception)

It is commonly taught in public schools that Christians used to believe that the Earth was flat. The truth is that Christians have NEVER widely believed in a flat Earth, and the Bible teaches that the Earth is a sphere! It is also conveniently ignored in public schools, and in the secular media, that it was Christians who lead the way in the creation of modern science, including Astronomy!

(Also check out the Creation vs Evolution section of this web site)




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"Science vs. Religion" "Christians have held science back, and continue to do so."(Common Misconception) 

The reality is that nearly all of the founders of modern science were Christians, who believed in a literal Genesis. The reality of the matter is that the Christian belief in a logical, rational Creator bringing about a logical and rational universe was the foundation for modern-science.




 * "The Bible teaches that men are superior to women." (Common Misconception)

OR These can work well with any feminists or women who are very into women’s rights etc.

Many people do not realize that the Bible actually teaches that men and women are created with equal value. The diversity that God created within His creation does not equal inferiority, and the Bible never claims that women are inferior to men.

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