This particular page was put together to address injustice that is common on this planet, everything from institutionalized rape to slavery (often these are one and the same). Those who work in organizations that raise awareness on social justice issues will get a lot from this page. (See also, the page on race.) To know why there is so much evil in this World, please see the page "Basic Christianity", and read in "The Gospel" section about how the World used to be perfect, but God withdrew much of His power to show Man the effects of sin. If God were to restore the World to perfection tomorrow (as there will one day be a perfect World again) there are many people that would have to be removed from the World, and would never see salvation. God is not slow as some count slowness, but is patient (no one hates the evil and suffering as much as Him) so that everyone can have a chance to be saved and live forever in eternal restoration, unfortunately the Bible says that many will reject the free gift of God's blood, and thus reject eternal life.

This video playlist addresses issues from the persecution of Christians around the World, to slavery. 

Jesus Christ came to end what we see here. We are living in a fallen, broken World. It is our sin that brought death, pain, and suffering into this World. Jesus came to heal us, but He also said that in the end times our pain would multiply, like a woman giving birth. This is a fulfillment of prophesy. God does NOT intend to leave us in this World, He has come to set us free, but we are not out of the woods yet, many more evil things must happen before Christ can return. The reason that God does not snap His fingers right now and remove all of those who are innocent of sin, is because far too many would be left behind. We have to see a small portion of what the World would be like without God, because we choose to reject Him. Since Genesis 3, the World has been broken, and that is why Christ came to redeem us. If we never saw what the World was like without God, we would never fall on our knees and surrender to Him. These pains are only temporary. Soon we will be free of them, as a mother is free from her birth pains after a child is born, and her pain is replaced by joy. God loves us.

This is a very good documentary, and helped me to understand a lot of things that I had already known, but did not quite understand. Good video.

Here is part 5 of "The Fruits of Darwinism" I apologize that it was not functioning properly in the playlist. 


"Rape Culture" - "Rape Culture" is one of the newest chic phrases being used by the politically correct. Essentially those pushing this term are equating anything and everythign that they do not like with rape. This includes charging male rape victims (men who were raped by women) of rape. One university expelled a young man for "rape" after he passed out in a young woman's dorm, and she proceeded to perform sexual acts on him - the facts in this case were not in dispute, yet it was still the man who was charged.




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